Work Packages

Three research work packages and two support work packages have been defined for the project. Each of the three packages focuses on a specific aspect of human-microbial relations:

Crafting Cultures: Microbiopolitics in the home

This work package focuses on the microbiopolitics of skyrmaking, sourdough baking, pickling, and fermenting kombucha/kefir in the home; and the craftspeople, maker cultures and support groups that these practices engender.

Gut Feelings: Human-Microbial Diet, Health, Community

This work package focuses on pre- and probiotic food and its influence on the intestinal microbiota in humans with additional focus on self-efficacy and quality of life, as well as developing a food-supplement from Icelandic bovine colostrum at MATIS.

Living Earth: Composting as Human-Microbe Interaction, Cooperation, and Communication

This work package focuses on composting practices; studying why and how people compost as well as the interaction and communication between the participants in that process: in particular humans and microbes, but also earthworms, fungi and other species.

Microbial Perspectives: Cross-cutting analyses

To support other work-packages by performing analysis of cultivated and uncultivated microbes in various ecosystems coupled to humans and anthropic environments.

Management and Dissemination: Interweaving, Combining, Cross-Pollinating

This work package will facilitate the planning, interweaving and dissemination of all activities within the other work packages. It will ensure the cooperation of participants and cross-pollination of ideas within the project by organizing workshops, seminars, and experimental kitchens.